Our Artisan Kitchen is closed from 24/12/21 to 07/01/22

Please note our pub is open every day and we now have a marquee covering our beer garden if you want extra space. 


During covid-19 restrictions in 2021, we are now offering a free local (DN22) delivery service.

Same day delivery on orders placed before 2pm. Deliveries made between 2 & 5 pm 7 days a week.

We Like beer That Tastes Incredible

Whether it’s strong full-bodied New England style IPAs or more gentle session ales. There is no reason for beer to be bland.  We brew a full range of beer; and every one is worth a look.

Vacant Gesture

Brewed by enthusiastic amateurs and commercial brewers all over the world.  Vacant Gesture is our classic, flagship session IPA

Proof Of concept

Originally an experiment based on the very popular Neck Oil by Beavertown. It proved so popular it’s in regular rotation, a hoppy session IPA.

Harrison's Stout

Brewed in the classic Dry Irish style. Deep chocolatey notes and a sweet malty finish. Always available on cask in the Brew Shed

The brew shed

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The Brew Shed

Artisan Kitchen

Serving great traditional pub food with a modern twist and an eye for detail.

  • Sat 9 – 4
  • Sun 9 – 6
  • Mon to Thur 4 – 9

The brewery

Where the magic happens.  From humble beginnings to award winning beers.